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Night Walk Tour

About this Tour

A great nature tour in Drake Bay.

The night jungle tour is definitely a great way to enjoy the wildlife while you are visiting the Drake Bay area.

Costa Rica is well known throughout the world for its vastness in wildlife. However, most species are always hidden during the day and you would only be able to observe them during the very few hours when they come out to seek for their food, which happens during the first hours of the night.

The Night Jungle Tour will give you a first-hand option to enjoy the amazing night wonders of the Drake Bay Rainforest. The tour takes place in a private biological reserve. The trails are easy to access, and the conditions of the habitat are perfect for amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, insects and much more. During this nature walk you would have the opportunity to observe several species, such as the red eyed frog, kinkajou, sloths, bats, spiders, tarantulas, owls, and a lot more.

This night walk takes about 2 hours and is led by a professional and expert certified guide. We provide you with special lights for the expedition, although you can bring your own lights as well.

We will pick you up at your hotel. If your hotel is located farther away, then we can arrange a private taxi to facilitate the activity for you.

This is a great option to complete your nature trip in the Drake Bay area. We will be happy to receive you.

Good for all ages.

Tour Info

Flashlight, Rubber boots, Travel Guide.
US $55 per person.
6:00 pm
Long pants, Bug spray, Bring enough water for the tour, Plastic bag for electronics in case of rain.
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