Sky Trek – Ultimate Zip Lines

Sky Trek is a thrilling zip line circuit that’s located in both of our parks, Monteverde and La Fortuna. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you’ll be dropped off at an observation area for fantastic views. From this area, you will start riding down on a zip line track stretching across canyons and in between treetops, the exhilarating adventure of zip lining down the mountainside begins; ultimately returning you to the starting point at the main building. This is the most thrilling zip line in the country.

Sky Trek’s Key Components:
Our visitors experience the rainforest from a bird’s-eye view, admiring the wildlife from above.
Zip Line Braking System
We have professional certified braking systems, with a main system and a backup one.
Wider steel platforms
Wider steel platforms, with plenty of space to admire views but also be safe while in tour.
We have the most amazing staff.
Highly trained staff well prepared professional and of course fun, they’ll even make you laugh.
For your safety we use the best materials
The construction is of the highest quality, utilizing protective and secure materials.
Safety is priority so we use the best equipment
We will provide you the helmet, gloves and harnesses of the best quality, and of course thinking in your safety.

Price per Person: $77 (Combination Sky Trek + Sky Tram)

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