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Venado Caves Spelunking in Arenal

About this Tour

The Arenal Volcano area has a magical secret spot, this is the Venado Caves.

Here you will feel your-self traveling into Jules Gabriel Verne’s book «Journey to the Center of the Earth» This incredible place will really amaze you. The tour is approximately 2 hours as an underground walk.

The tour begins with the pickup at your hotel or house in the Arenal Volcano area or La Fortuna City.

Once we arrive at Venado Cave, the tour guide will give you an important safety talk with important rules for the best enjoyment of the activity. Also, the guide will give you an important explanation about the history of Venado Caves.

Venado Cave is located approximately 1 hour from the Arenal Volcano area.

During this visit we can assure you that you will pass completely to another dimension.

Traveling to the depths of the earth during a caving walk is truly an incredible memory. We do not recommend it to people who suffer claustrophobia.

During the Venado Cave Tour of Arenal Volcano, you will be able to observe a large number of species that are extremely difficult to find on the surface of the earth, such as impressive insects, spiders, reptiles and some rare species of bats. The two-hours tour is with a professional guide who assures your safety while you enjoy exploring through the amazing Venado Caves.

The journey will take you to the depths of the caverns through large and small limestone hollows, believed to be 15-20 million years old.

During the walk you will be able to observe prehistoric marine fossils. The cavern extends 8,850 feet long (2,700 m) below the earth’s surface, and the deepest area of the cavern is more than 100 feet from the earth’s surface. In addition, inside the caves you will be able to observe the incredible and wonderful formations of different minerals with fascinating coloration. We recommend you bring your own lamp with LED light for a better enjoyment of the place.

The tour leads you to see real life underground waterfalls. You can dive into the undercurrents and walk through a curtain of water (depending on the season).

The recommended age is from 8 to 65 years.

Tour Info

Transport, professional guide, helmet, flashlight, cave entrance, tropical fruit break.
US $98 per person
7:00 am - 12:30 pm
Secure shoes, camera, change of clothes, clothes to get wet, an appetite for adventure.
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